Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Amazing People. Amazing Weekend. LIBIT Reunites in a Big Way.

Since the program's 25th anniversary, 5 years ago, the Library Tech department has wanted to celebrate this achievement.  Really celebrate. With the introduction of a properly funded Alumni Relations office, we were finally able to dream big.  Members of the LIBIT department know, on a personal level, how life-changing our program really is because we are ALL alumni of the program!  We were delighted to have the opportunity to share the accomplishments of our alumni and our program in a heartfelt way.

We wanted to offer attendees a chance to socialize but we also wanted to provide some professional development opportunities.  The increasing expectations for most library technicians gave us inspiration to present workshops and team building activities that centred on leadership.  The remarkable changes to UFV infrastructure was inspiration for offering campus tours, too!

The picture to your right is a snapshot of our wine and cheese reception on the Friday night in the library foyer.  Guest speakers included:  Provost and Vice President Academic, Eric Davis, President of the Alumni Association, Tony Luck, LIBIT Alum Julia Vanberkel and Terry Lynne Stone, storyteller and Member of the UFV Board. 
Geocaching Adventure at Aldergrove Lake
Our goal, that evening, was to pay homage to our ambassadors - our program grads.  It was a delight to exchange "hellos", reconnect, share stories and laugh, all while enjoying a glass of wine and some lovely food.

Bright and early the next morning, a group of alumni gathered at Aldergrove Lake for their Guided Discovery adventure.  It was a riot!  We hunted for lost treasure while competing (in a friendly way, of course) to solve a mystery using teams equipped with a GPS.  Geocacher Jones (front right) was there to lead the way.

Leading With Story
Others, that morning, attended a workshop with Margaret Read MacDonald, accomplished scholar and folklorist,  where participants practiced and participated in "Leading with Story".  Of course, there is nothing like finishing off a busy day with a nice and informal dinner  where some of the rowdiest attendees were current and former LIBIT faculty and staff.

President's Breakfast
On Sunday, the President of UFV, Mark Evered, hosted a lovely breakfast.  He shared with us his views on the importance of information studies, its connection to learning as well as the exciting activities and ambitions of UFV. Of course, he could not help but share our pride in UFV being noted as providing the best undergraduate education in Canada for a school of our size (for the 4th year running).  

The value of alumni was reinforced on many occasions during the weekend and the message was sincere.  Our LIBIT alumni have a profound impact within their communities.  Lisa Morry, for example, is a grad of the program who has worked with the First Nations community of Chilliwack to produce a display depicting the legacy of Residential Schools. As reported in the Chilliwack Progress, her contribution is part of  the first steps in exploring the trauma of these schools.

With dozens of guests the weekend was a huge success, for the Library and Information Technology department, Alumni Relations Office, UFV, and all of our wonderful graduates and current students. A special thanks goes to Alumni Services and all of our dedicated volunteers for the huge effort they made in pulling off this event.
Some of us celebrating at the Phoenix Lounge for a friendly dinner.

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