Saturday, November 1, 2008

Welcome to the LIBIT Scene

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Genevieve said...

Learning Curves
Well, it's been 10 weeks or so of my first semester at UFV in the LIBIT program. I'm overwhelmed by all I've been learning but still excited. I am pretty encouraged actually to see that our library program at UFV is pro-active in its attempts to address the challenges we face in keeping up with the overwhelming impact of technology services. The tech industry is always game to develop new products to make information one click away! I am not afraid of technology; in fact, it is important that we help educate our service providers with providing us 'good' technology that delivers and protects our access to all that information out there. From my past experience I have seen that corporate and technical services are struggling to identify where we all fit now in the business plan and operations. I feel that we are both in agreement that we need to educate each other but not necessarily become experts in each others fields. My question is one Christina bought up in class: how are we going to ensure that our tech and library skills keep current with library demands?

Christina Neigel said...

I think, to save your sanity, you will probably have to focus on specific areas of interest and be ok with the fact that there are going to be some areas you simply can't keep up with. Regardless, you will probably spend some of your own money in keeping up with things by going to conferences, taking courses, etc.